Why Passion is the Number One Ingredient for a Social Media Manager

Date: 2020-02-13 15:59:08

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Bari Rosenstein, the Social Media Manager at Honest Tea, joins the Social Pros Podcast to talk about providing her audience with a personable and personalized experience on social media.

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Having a passion for our roles as social media practitioners is what keeps us motivated to keep doing what we’re doing. Without passion, you can’t succeed in your role because passion is the fuel that drives success.

Bari Rosenstein, the Social Media Manager at Honest Tea, loves the brands she represents on social. She responds to each message and interaction herself, giving Honest Tea’s audience a very personable and personalized response every time. There are no robots involved and it’s this personal touch and honesty that helps to make Honest Tea such an approachable brand.

Bari’s genuine passion and authenticity for her role as Social Media Manager is palpable. She’s bursting with enthusiasm and leverages her knowledge of the space and awareness of how the craft of social media is changing to demonstrate the importance of believing in social if you really want to succeed on social.

In This Episode:

• 05:14 – How Bari’s role is structured within the giant Coca Cola ecosystem
• 10:12 – How to embed enthusiasm and authenticity in other team members across different departments
• 12:14 – How Bari uses UGC to increase social engagement
• 15:15 – How Honest Tea looks at social from a scorecard standpoint
• 17:09 – A look inside Honest Tea’s social media content calendar
• 18:14 – Tips to break out of a very social-driven role and branch out to other areas of the business
• 21:46 – How Bari handles social customer care
• 29:57 – Using different social media platforms to reach different demographics
• 33:18 – How Honest Tea use celebrity influencers to help market their brand

For a full list of resources mentioned in the episode and to listen to the full podcast episode go to: http://www.convinceandconvert.com/podcasts/shows/social-pros-podcast/

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