What Is Your Talk Trigger That Creates WOM? – #JayToday

Episode 9

When I started the Jay Today show, I didn’t know whether it would catch on or if people would like it. In the moments since launching the show, however, I’ve realized that the show’s talkable trigger is its length. The show is only 3 minutes long each day, which is different from most video and audio podcasts. This is what has triggered a word of mouth marketing effect.

You may not plan your WOM feature; it’s something might discover over time. But unless you have a talkable trigger for your product, service, or project, you’re never going to be successful.

Today’s Sprout Social shout out goes to Jason Keath, whose big social media event is happening right now in Orlando! Jason runs the blog at SocialFresh.com and also puts on a few intimate social media conferences. Follow Jason at

Jay Today ( is a video podcast with 3-minute lessons and commentary on business, social media and digital marketing from New York Times best-selling author and venture capitalist Jay Baer. Join Jay daily for insights on trends, quick tips, observations and inspiration. The show is sponsored and produced by Candidio ( a simple and affordable video production company, and Sprout Social ( a social media management and analytics company that Jay uses for much of his social media every day.


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