What are Fake Influencers and How to Spot Them | by Caitlykdavis | Nov, 2020


Influencer marketing is now the most effective way to sway consumer buying decisions in your favor. Brands are trying to exploit the potential of influencer marketing to increase conversion rates and overall social media presence.

Social media influencers are content creators that have cracked the code to creating authentic and unique content in their respective niche. These users have great influence and their recommendations are widely considered by the consumers.

Brands and marketers are trying to leverage these influencers to find new potential customers. Influencer marketing campaigns provide the highest rate of conversion rates when compared to other paid marketing channels. Although, the enormous surge in fake accounts has given rise to fake followers.

As businesses and brands realize the potential of influencer marketing and offer hefty sponsorship deals, more and more individuals want to be a part of it. But to gain the attention of brands and marketers they need high a significant number of followers.

While some individuals invest a heck lot of time and effort trying to creating resonating content and amass new followers, some take the short route to success that is rather short-lived. To get brand sponsorship deals, some individuals resort to buying fake followers.

The fake influencers seem genuine in every way. They post content and regular time intervals, like and reply to other users’ posts. But the only thing that differentiates them from genuine influencers is the high ratio of bought followers. Having a bought or fake follower base means that the user has no actual influence or a community to engage with.

The metric to evaluate the influencer marketing option used the number of followers. Although, brands and marketers soon realized that follower count is not the only metric that should be considered while evaluating influencer options. Soon after, follower count was replaced by engagement as the most important metric and brands started using multiple metrics to help choose the right brand advocate.

Some cases indicate that a fake influencer account may be managed by multiple users. Usually, the fake influencers follow these steps to run a fake influencer account,

  1. Create a fake account of a user that does not exist

2. Use stock photos or hire a model to take photos

3. Buy fake followers

Being a prey of influencer fraud can be detrimental for your brand in numerous ways. The most concerning factor is the effect on your brand’s financials. A fake influencer can make you bleed a substantial amount from your financial resources. Major brands might recover from this setback but the same cannot be said for new businesses.

Influencer marketing does require significant financial resources, but that is not the only resource invested. Influencer marketing campaigns require planning a content strategy, social media strategy, manpower, time, and effort. All of these resources go to waste if the influencer is fake. The resources could have been used elsewhere that generates an actual impact to boost your brand.

Influencer fraud can also damage your brand’s reputation. If users find out that you have partnered with a fake influencer, it can raise questions about your brand’s credibility. Losing the trust of the users that you have worked very hard to build can be devastating and near impossible to regain.

FollowerAudit is a paid Twitter analytics platform that can help you identify and block fake Twitter followers. It can help you perform a Twitter Audit on any public Twitter profile. You can evaluate the authenticity of the follower base of your influencer options. Based on the statistics you can choose the right brand advocate to promote your brand as per your requirements.

1. Perform a Twitter Audit: FollowerAudit can help you perform a thorough and precise Twitter Audit on any public Twitter profile. It can help you identify fake Twitter accounts that only serve to increase the follower count. No account is completely free of fake followers, but you should avoid collaborating with such influencers as they are fake and won’t provide any returns.

2. Track Twitter Follower Growth: Fake influencers buy followers to create an illusion of popularity that helps them attract more followers. FollowerAudit can help you track the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account. You can identify trends that show a sudden rise in followers. It can help you identify if users have bought fake followers.

3. Analyze audience quality: FollowerAudit can also help you identify the quality of the follower base of any public Twitter account. It can help you identify bots, inactive, and fake accounts.

Closing Thoughts

Identifying and avoiding a partnership with a fake influencer can help you a lot of trouble. Not only do they deplete your financial resources but also the time, effort, and manpower goes to waste. FollowerAudit can help you find the right influencer that can help you promote your brand, increase conversion rates, and find new potential customers.

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