The Key to Becoming a Successful Blogger – #JayToday

Episode 5

Blogging is the hub of your media company. And it’s no longer enough to have a “good” blog or even a consistent blog.

Instead, your ultimate goal is to create a blog that is someone’s favorite blog on the planet. Unless you’re someone’s favorite blogger, you’ll never truly succeed.

Today’s Sprout Social shout out goes to Rory Vaden — one of the best speakers in the world. His latest book, Take the Stairs, is the perfect book if you’re anything like me – always busy. It will change the way you think about your time and your priorities. Buy the book here:

Rory also hosts a podcast called Daily Discipline, where he interviews movers and shakers in the business world about their work. Listen to the podcast here:

Jay Today is sponsored and produced by Candidio, a simple and affordable video production company, and Sprout Social, a social media management and analytics tool that Jay uses for much of his social media every day.


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