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You think you might need new or more content this year, but it’s possible that the content you need might be right under your nose.

In all of the marketing trends and predictions for 2015, I’ve been saying the same thing: This year is going to be the year of cooperative content.

What do I mean by this? I mean that the content sources that you have at your disposal are vast and untapped. Everyone that works for you, every customer you have, and every business partner is potentially a content creator. You can use their skills and knowledge to create new and interesting content that helps drive revenue.

Stop thinking of content as some Hollywood film that you have to create and start considering the ways you can get your content out quickly. These Jay Today videos are recorded in my house with my iPhone, for example, yet we still get thousands of views each day.

You have so many content sources at your finger tips, and my challenge for you in 2015 is to figure out how to use them.



Nick Westergaard ( runs a company called Brand Driven Digital ( and also a fantastic conference called the Social Brand Forum. I recommend Nick in social media as well as his conference. Hope to see you there!


Candidio ( a simple and affordable video production company. Follow @candidio on Twitter.

Sprout Social ( a social media management and analytics company that Jay uses for much of his social media every day. Follow @sproutsocial on Twitter.


Jay Today is a video podcast with 3-minute lessons and commentary on business, social media and digital marketing from New York Times best-selling author and venture capitalist Jay Baer. Join Jay daily for insights on trends, quick tips, observations and inspiration at


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