SEO Link Building 101 [OSEO-20]

In this very special episode – since it’s the episode #20 (which is a round number) and the last episode of Over Simplified SEO in the year 2015 – we decided to do a little recap of some of the previously recordered episodes, specifically takling about link building, which is an absolutely essential thing for SEO.

In 2015 we’ve recordered 6 episodes of Over Simplified SEO covering great link building strategies. Let’s recall them real brief!

Strategy #1: Creating linkable assets – this is when you create a piece of content so good that people just can’t help linking to it. The true masters of this craft are Brian Dean, guys from MOZ and Neil Patel. We all should learn from these guys!

Strategy #2: Guest blogging – yes, it’s not dead! You can still land awesome backlinks with your guest articles. But creating good content consistently might be quite challenging. So just follow ‘the Robin Hood technique’ and you are sure to get a lot of backlinks quite easily!

Strategy #3: Broken link building – this strategy has been around for years! To be honest, it requires a lot of effort and the success is pretty low, however this may be your only chance to land a backlink from some high-authority site, which is definitely worth a try.

Strategy #4: Monitoring your niche – quite often perfect timing is really all you need to land a backlink, so if you monitor your niche closely and immediately reach out to people once you see them publish something relevant, you’ll create lots of link opportunities for yourself.

Strategy #5: Link intersect – the main idea behind this strategy is: if some site is linking to all your competitors, but not you, he most likely haven’t heard about you yet. So to land a backlink from this site you only need to reach out and let him know that you exist. And there’s actually a handy tool for that 😉

Strategy #6: Competitor research – if you want to outrank someone, just check what sites link to him and try to get backlinks from all these sites. This sounds simple in theory, but in reality it’s pretty hard to do.

That was our Lnk Building 101. If you are a professional SEO, you will hardly learn anything new from all these videos mentioned. But if you are just starting out, you will surely like them!

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