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Reasons to use or to migrate to Google Slides

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By: Ahmed ade

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a ten-year-old cloud-based presentation platform. Since its launch in 2007, many teachers, public speakers, and business people migrated to it and never looked back.

Using Google Slides does not require installing any additional software. All you need to use it is a web browser.

Whether you are happy with your current presentation software or need a push in the right direction, this article will list all the reasons to migrate or start using Google Slide.

I just want to remind you that you should always work with the software you find comfortable and gets the job done. If Google Slides is for you, you will know from the first few presentations you make. If it is not, then at least you learned what works for you, and what does not.

Affordable – Free of charge

Google Slides is completely free to use, it only requires a Google account, which you probably have already.

Most other presentation platforms come with a hefty price tag, but not Google Slides. With more features than any other presentation platform out there.
Using Google Slides is a no-brainer for those who need an extremely accessible presentation platform that costs nothing to use.

It is legal to use Google Slides, so no one from students to teachers has to resort to pirated software to create a stunning presentation.

Accessible – Use anywhere

As a cloud-based platform, Google Slides is available through any working web browser. Even with no internet access, you can still access your files on Google Drive.

It has an auto-save feature, which saves your work as you progress, so you will never have to start over in the case of an error or power outage. It also will create several versions of the presentation, so you can go back or forward to whatever changes you made. It is an easy way to go back to using an earlier version of your file.

The advanced mobile app allows you to access and edit your presentation on the go.

Google Slides is highly functional when used on Chrome and its extension, which allows offline editing to the Slides.

When it comes to online accessibility, there’s no other presentation software that can beat Google Slides. It is fast and efficient, giving the user instant access to their files online.

Furthermore, your files will be stored intact forever in the Cloud. It also makes it easier to access them anywhere; even if you use another device in another country, you will still be able to access your files.

Compatible – Use on any device

Users can access Google Slides from any operating system as long they have a web browser. It works on Android and iOS with no problems to mention.

Google Slides lack a desktop app, but that is the nature of all cloud-based software. They jump from device to device with the same functionality.

Google Slides will work on any device, whether it is Windows or Mac, accessing and editing your presentation files is easy and does not require installing more software.

Google Slides allows its user to save the presentation in offline files. Google Slides allows its user to save the presentation in offline files.

It is a feature that becomes handy when you want to edit the presentation using different software on another device. It also helps when you want to store the file safely offline.

You can save the presentation in many formats such as PPTX, ODP, PDF, TXT, JPG, PNG, and SVG.

Furthermore, if you already have been working on something, there is no complicated converting process. You can just import your files and start working on them directly.

All your efforts will not be in vain, because you’ll be able to pick up where you left off, and share it with others should the need arise.

Customizable – Excellent UI

Google Slides Templates can be both timesaver and lifesaver. In general, templates help you create diagrams and flowcharts, which you can import from Google Sheets. It does not require advanced experience, just common sense.

It is easy to find free Google Slides Templates online, and they came in all colors and sizes to suit your unique needs. Furthermore, if you see a presentation you like, you can copy the themes and styles to your own presentation.

You do not have to build your presentation design from scratch if you do not want to because templates are available everywhere.

You can customize the templates, so they fit your purposes, you do not have to stick to the hard, imposed style of any given template.

Google Slides has a simple deck and efficient UI, so editing the templates will not require advanced experience. On the contrary, all the tools are neatly organized and intuitive. It allows you space to be creative without giving you too many options that you end up confused and stuck.

Even when you decide your presentation from scratch, Google Slides has many features that allow you to create impressive presentations.

Using a feature like speaker notes makes it easier to capture fleeting thoughts as they arise. Not to clutter your presentation with heavy text, speaker notes allow you to record yourself if you want to save an idea for later.

Friendly – Limitless editing

When it comes to embedding videos and content from the web, Google Slides offers many features that make it a breeze.

Sometimes, adding content from the Internet can enrich a presentation. However, adding content is not always a simple task when building a presentation.

Google Slides gives you the tools to embed YouTube videos, Creative Common photos, and web pages from the internet without bugs.

With the Autoplay video in Google Slides, presenters do not need to stop the presentation to click “Play.” This feature will automatically play the video when you are delivering your presentation to the audience.

Google Slides does not allow adding videos from other third-party video platforms. However, you can get around that by taking a curious screenshot of the video you want to embed, upload it as a picture and adjusting it to your slide, and add a clickable link to it. When you make your presentation, click on the image to play the video.

Using the Explore tool, you can get a pull of content from the internet directly to your slide. Without having to search for them through outside sources.

One of the recently added features to Google Slides is adding page number, which was not available in previous versions. Google Slides is not trying to compete with other established presentation software like PowerPoint. It is creating new standards. For this reason, you will always get the best features, which are not available in “traditional” presentation platforms.

Team Player – Collaboration made easy

Sharing your slides and inviting others to work on them with you might be a concern. However, Google Slides open the doors for others. You can invite others to edit your presentation, and they can leave comments\opinions or chat with you in real-time, which makes the editing process more vibrant and enjoyable. You will also be able to tell who made a change, and when.

If you do not want others to edit your presentation, you can just share a private link that only they can view, but not edit. You can choose specific people to see the presentation by sending an email invitation, so even if someone has the private link they still will not be able to access the file.

You can share the presentation with the world via email as an attachment or viewable Slides, a direct link, or on social media. If you want. You can also publish it publicly to the web as a webpage, where anybody with the link can access it.

When in presentation mode, you can use the Add a Q& feature to get questions from the audience. It increases audience engagement and turns them into active mode instead of a passive one.

Allowing this type of engagement is unprecedented in the presentation business. When the users use the mobile app to ask their questions in real-time, it makes your presentation come to life, whether you are giving it online or offline.

Google Slides Business Benefits<

Presentation agencies, teachers, and scientists use Google Slides every day to create remarkable presentations.

Students use it as a collaborating tool they can access whether from home or school. There is no need to fret about forgetting the USB drive at home. Even when they are on vacation or absent, they can still work on assignments.

Teachers also use it in class or presenting their ideas in board meetings.
Furthermore, business people use it to share the presentation before meetings. Access it from any device, and even create templates for a weekly meeting.

Google Slides is also used as an efficient mind-mapping tool as it is easy to edit on the fly, and can contain and connect ideas in an attractive way.

It can be used in remote presentations and conferences, and because it is free to use, anyone can use it. Truly, the sky’s the limit.


Google Slides is a best of breed presentation platform that offers so many features not found on other platforms. Whether it is your first time using Google Slides or dabbled in it before you will enjoy using it for creating your presentations. It is regularly updated with new features, stable, and easy to use.

Google Slides makes creating presentations fun. Unlike other presentation software out there, it is made for result-oriented people who do not like to waste time.
If you are migrating to Google Slides, after using it, you will wonder why you did not use it before.


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