Non-Jerkface Internet Marketing 101: An example of a great high-converting sales page

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Anytime I use the word “jerkface” in a title, you know it is going
to be a good one.

So, in the world of Internet Marketing and selling online products
like courses, membership sites and other information products, you
often end up with two types of sales pages:

Sales Page #1: The hypey, hype, hype type. Usually grandiose
statements, huge promises, little effort promised to get big
results, sketchy testimonials from people who don’t appear to even
exist (i.e. just a first name). Lots of yellow highlights. Lots of
pressure. Ugh. Gross. YES, they might convert (get sales) but at
what cost? (meaning, simply put, they don’t build trust)

Sales Page #2: The “I’m scared to sell you something page” sales
page. This is the type of page which maybe just has a product
listed and a couple of lines of text. Usually pretty passive text
like “Um. Gee. I mean you could buy my product. Um. I guess. But,
only if you really want to. Don’t get mad at me for trying to sell
something. Gotta go. Bye.” The problem with these pages…they
don’t work.

So, why don’t we learn from something in the middle? A sales page
that is ethical and exciting AND converts well…without being a
jerky jerk.

In today’s DSG TV, I go over a page that does exactly that.


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