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MoreThanABusiness: Merz Apothecary

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Date: 2019-05-29 17:33:28


Founded in 1875, Merz Apothecary is considered by many to be a Chicago landmark. For five generations the pharmacy has been home to a rich collection of unique, hard-to-find goods from all over the world. Abdul Qaiyum bought the business in 1972, managing to grow the business during a time when most independent pharmacies were giving way to large chain drug stores. In 1997 they took their first online order, and in 2001 they started using Google Ads to reach customers who are searching for their specialty products. Today, Abdul’s son Anthony is the President of Merz Apothecary and they have two storefronts in Chicago, as well as an e-commerce platform that services 35,000 customers annually.

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