Mediaprenuer 5-Minute Case Study: Jeff Cavaliere | Marketer Intel

Mediaprenuer 5-Minute Case Study: Jeff Cavaliere

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About DSG TV & The Rise To The Top: DSG TV is all about helping aspiring/rising mediapreneurs (mediapreneurs are personal brands, coaches, speakers, experts, Internet marketers/information marketers, authors, etc.) grow their biz like a weed & dominate online created/hosted by me (Hi, I’m David Siteman Garland) for you.

OK, so minor lie right off the bat. I think it is actually 6
minutes. So, don’t bust out the stopwatch.

That being said…

I’m a big believer in modeling.

Not like Derek Zoolander style.

I’m talking about finding people that are doing it right, learning
how they do it/what works, and then incorporate it in your own way.

And when it comes to building your mediapreneur biz, nothing can be
better than learning from someone that is “doing it right.”

To me “doing it right” means a lot of things, but here are a few:

-High quality badass products that look good, get results and
overall just rock.
-Awesome branding
-An actual expertise (you can’t fake teaching what you don’t know)
-Consistent, really useful free content (i.e. weekly blog, webinar,
web show, etc.)
-Leverage: Meaning it ain’t about trading dollars for hours…it is
about creating systems/products, etc. that create revenue for you
around the clock (even if you are, like, taking a cruise in Tahiti
or something)

In today’s DSG TV vid, I’m shining the light on one of those people
who is absolutely crushing it.

Watch it right here and let me know your thoughts in the comments

(and let me know if you like these 5 min case studies, if so, I’ll
do more of ’em for ya)


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