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If LinkedIn is Salad Do You Need More Roughage?

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Date: 2020-02-21 11:05:33


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Anthony Juliano, the Vice President/General Manager of Asher Agency, joins Social Pros to talk about his philosophy for succeeding on LinkedIn.

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If social media is a buffet, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are the desserts while LinkedIn is the leafy green salad that we’re not overly excited to sink our teeth into. People love spending time on the ‘candy platforms’ but they usually don’t consume as much “salad” as they should.

Anthony Juliano, the Vice President/General Manager of Asher Agency, states that people don’t love spending time on LinkedIn as much as they enjoy spending time on other platforms. When people go on LinkedIn, they usually get what they need, get out, and get on with their day.

However, Anthony argues that compared to other social media networks, LinkedIn has the most untapped potential for the largest number of professionals. Thankfully for Social Pros listeners, Anthony is a seasoned trainer on a variety of social media topics, with a specific focus on LinkedIn.

In This Episode:

• 04:30 – How the demand for LinkedIn courses and programs amplified over time
• 06:25 – How teaching methods change depending on the audiences’ relationship with social media
• 08:01 – How social media is becoming more of a universal skill across different industries
• 10:42 – Anthony’s philosophy of LinkedIn for business and B2B
• 12:30 – How to leverage LinkedIn and the importance of consistency
• 14:33 – Why LinkedIn has become more relevant today than it was a decade ago
• 16:30 – How marketers have changed the way they use LinkedIn
• 19:21 – Tips for creating successful newsfeed content on LinkedIn
• 25:36 – Why you should focus less on the length of your posts/captions and more on the strength of your story

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