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How to Make People Like You In 5 Seconds

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Date: 2018-02-03 17:07:17


So, you want to be more likeable? How? Here are 3 tips.



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Today, I want to tell you one thing that will change your business. I know that’s, a lofty promise for some doing a black shirt and a room by himself, but watch this video it & # 39. Ll all make sense.

Hey I’m, Derek Halpern. You’re watching planet, Derek the place on servers, come to get ahead in business and in life. Today we’re. Getting tactical because doing this today can have a massive impact on your business.

Here’s a deal when you sell products online or in person. People are always curious about what other people think about these products. They want to know if they like them, they want to know if it worked for them.

They want to know the results of using the product. People, like these case studies or testimonials. Well, here’s. What you need to do, the one thing you need to start doing is you need to start creating what’s called a testimonial database.

All the testimonial database is, is screenshots names, emails and examples of what people say about you and your company. How many times do you send an email out, get a compliment back and say: oh, that’s, nice? What do you do with that email? Most people just archive it and forget about it.

You need to screenshot it put it somewhere here’s, why everyone knows about the power of testimonials. Everyone knows this, but most people when they need them. They look for them at the last minute. It’s almost as if the testimonial is an afterthought, they have a launch coming up.

Oh, I need testimonials quick. Let me ask some friends: kind of testimonial yeah, you’re great, and then you have a you’re great testimonial, bad testimonial. The point is, they think about it as an afterthought, when all you need to do is when people give you a compliment, make it a habit.

You love my work. Oh thank you. Could you tell me a little bit more about why screen shot safe? If you ever plan on using it, you should ask them for permission, of course, but that’s. What you need to do.

You need to start building a testimonial database that you can use in your marketing on your sales pages in conversations, and you need to start doing it today. It’s so simple, but how many people actually do it like nobody? Let me tell what I do.

I keep it simple. When someone emails me something nice, I put a tag on it testimonial all I got to do when I’m. Looking for one look at testimonial, I go a step further. I sometimes clarify the depth of the testimonial.

Maybe it’s about a specific product. Maybe it’s about a piece of content. They, like I kind of add one more tag, so I understand what kind of testimonial it is. The second thing I do, I use a note-taking database, you can use Evernote, you could use Bayer, you can use Google Docs and I store them in Google Docs.

This allows me to have one place to go when I need testimonials and it’s. Something that requires daily effort all the time and it’s, something that can truly benefit you today and it’s really easy to do.

You’re, just gonna start saving these testimonials. Now, if you don’t have any testimonials yet let me give you a secret on how to get them. One of the things that I tell people to do after someone buys from you, you should send them a why you buy survey.

Why you buy a survey is simply a three question survey that says: hey thank you for buying. I hope this helps what’s. The number one reason why you bought is the question: what’s? The number one reason why you bought is the only question I care about that helps me see why people are buying my product and then I know to follow up with those people in six weeks or so to try and get a testimonial.

So all you got to do start building your testimonial database today it will have a massive impact on you and your business and plus it feels good to just when you’re feeling down one day scrolling through the compliments makes me happy if you Liked this video smash, the like button, leave a comment below this video and tell me if you’re gonna.

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