How to Decentralize Social Media Execution to Add Authenticity

Date: 2020-01-24 15:44:43


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Ovi Vitas, EVP, Chief Brand & Digital Officer of Marriott Vacations Worldwide, joins the Social Pros Podcast to talk about his unrelenting focus on customer experience and how to use ‘Social Champions’ to decentralize social media execution and add authenticity.

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When your company is under the umbrella of a ‘mother company,’ how can you communicate that on social media whilst retaining and showcasing the differentiated experience your brand provides customers?

This is often top of mind for Ovi Vitas, EVP, Chief Brand & Digital Officer of Marriott Vacations Worldwide, who takes a decentralized approach to the content that’s created and shared on social. To showcase a property-by-property experience, Ovi and his team have identified people from each location to be crowned ‘Social Champion.’

It’s this unique approach to decentralizing social media execution that has empowered people at each location to create incredible social media content. By following an enterprise set of guidelines, these ‘Social Champions’ play a key role in helping Marriott Vacations Worldwide add real authenticity to their social content.

In This Episode:

• 05:26 – What brands can learn from Marriott Vacations’ unrelenting focus on customer experience
• 08:22 – How to use social media to market a ‘high-end’ product
• 11:25 – How “Social Champions” help Marriott Vacations Worldwide showcase the authentic uniqueness of 60+ properties
• 18:28 – How modern technology has aided our ability to decentralize social media execution
• 23:53 – Why it’s important to focus on brand reputation management while remaining transparent
• 29:48 – How the timeshare aspect of Marriott Vacations Worldwide works and what they’re doing to improve the customer experience
• 33:53 – Why brands need to listen to what customers are saying on third-party online communities

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