How to Be a Better Blogger with These 10 Unique Blogging Tips

Do you know there is a common criticism of blogging tips coaches?

People complain they all recommend the same strategies. Often, I have heard, “They never have anything new to say.” Try These 10 Unique Blogging Tips

A reader of mine predicted that if I offered unique blogging tips, my blog would stand out and my readership would grow.

This list will offer you blogging tips that deviate from the same old rhetoric.

Although they may vary from the mainstream, these 10 blogging tips are just as effective if not more.

Tip 1: Use a spreadsheet to blog.

You might wonder why this is needed.

Bloggers use a spreadsheet for a variety of purposes. Some use a spreadsheet to keep track of linky parties.

Others use a spreadsheet to keep track of keywords they rank for. Many keyword tools even allow you to export to a spreadsheet.

This is so helpful the idea is cost-effective. Keyword tools often limit the number of times you can use them per day. Moz, KWFinder, and SemRush are examples.

By exporting to a spreadsheet, you’ll have the keyword list going forward and not have to use up your attempts when using the keyword tool. Going back to the tool isn’t needed if you have a saved list.

When choosing keywords, don’t forget to check Related Searches at the bottom of Google’s results pages. Don’t forget to add these to your spreadsheet. Some people actually sell these spreadsheets.

Other people give the spreadsheets out for free. You might wonder why they would do this. Bloggers need an optin: a freebie they give out in exchange for an email. It’s win-win. The new blog subscriber gets the spreadsheet and the blogger gets a new subscriber they can try to market to at a later date. The best part: Excel is a free spreadsheet.

Tip 2: Use social media in unique ways.

Think outside the box for creative uses of a social media site. For example, you can create a hashtag and use it on social media.

I know bloggers who have their own hashtag. I was flattered when one created a hashtag for me. I now use #MostlyBlogging as my Instagram signature.

If it’s memorable, your brand (and traffic) will grow. Use it in your tweets. Once it becomes associated with you, others may use it when they retweet your links and share your posts on other social media. User-Generated Content is free advertising for you.

Social Media Today recommends this blogging tip. I see other bloggers use this technique. A blogger who goes by the pseudonym “LadyBoss Blogger” uses the hashtag “#LadyBoss.”

In addition, you can use the @ sign to your advantage.

Tag interested people. Elite blogging strategist Patrick Coombe explained, “Here is my best tip: Tag people. But don’t be reckless about it. Don’t just tag random people that pop up when the @ symbol comes up, tag people that you know will get amped up about the post and comment. If you can get someone excited, angry, or passionate about a subject, it will create conversation and if you can create conversation, you’ll naturally trigger social media’s internal algorithm to make it show up in more news feeds.

Patrick Coombe recommended the strategy of the @ symbol when posting Facebook content while I read to use the strategy on Instagram.

Tagging people in comments is also helpful. Make a comment on the original post and tag someone in it. Ask them a question and tag them in it; it’ll almost demand their attention.

Sadly, without having a budget to “boost” a post on Facebook, it is getting harder and harder to promote a post. This way, with the right initiative, you can get some great reach on Facebook without having to spend the money. Just use the @ symbol.

More unusual social media tips:

I do a dance with Twitter and you can too. Have you ever seen the dance where people approach their partner and then back away and their partner approaches them?

I follow influencers’ followers. I use tools like Crowdfire and to reduce my number based on who doesn’t follow me back. Like I said, a dance I do every night. I’ve racked up 16,000 Twitter follower this way. Do I monetize Twitter? Absolutely!

Put your social media sites in your email signature. This makes it easy for your social media followers to find you. Free tools exist which will enable you to insert your social media sites into your email signature in unique ways. NEWOLDSTAMP Generator is an example of this technology. You have choices of custom templates with a variety of font styles and colors. Adding your newly generated email signature is a breeze in your browser’s settings.

Another creative use of social media is as follows: In contrast to Twitter which limits its character count, you can write as much as you want on Facebook. First, join a Facebook group that allows self-promotion of your blog posts. You can write a mini-blog post complete with a hook to get people to click your links if you wanted.

Tip 3: Install an SSL certificate.

Research says that it may have a positive factor over at Google. Whether you rank could depend on whether you have an “S” in your blog URL. You will also see a padlock to the left of your URL.

Google has said that’s it, they’re done. You must have an SSL certificate or they will tell everyone who tries to go to your site how ominous your site is. “Danger: an unsecured site.” People will flee as fast as you can say “malicious virus.” People don’t want that so they’ll leave your site which I’m sure is perfectly innocent. Thanks to Google’s warnings, no one will know your site is harmless or that your blog has helpful tips.

Tip 4: Let your readers dictate your content.

User-generated content is trendy. Question and answer sites are perfect for this. You can vary your format while you empower your readers. Copy their questions they leave in the comments section and paste them into a new blog post. Quick and effective for you, an interesting change of format for them.

What about letting other websites’ readers dictate your content? is excellent for this purpose. As long as you cite the source, you can use Quora’s content on your blog.

[Read: How to Be a Better Blogger with Quora]

Tip 5: Buy a plant.

According to the INC blog, buying a plant will help you blog for several reasons. First, people make sure their plants have good light since plants thrive in the light. If you blog near a plant, the result is you’ll have good light, and your eyes will have less strain when you blog. Also, the blog’s research shows that people are more creative near plants. Nurturing people are creative.

Tip 6: Vary your beverage intake.

Hey, I love coffee. However, according to DivasRunforBling, “Caffeine can be a good thing… But when drinking too much of it, it can leave us jittery and unable to focus.” Medical studies support this. Try finding a great-tasting tea as a replacement. Caffeine-free, naturally. Don’t forget coffee comes caffeine-free as well. Soda anyone? Makes sure it’s caffeine free.

On the contrary, while I’m advising you limit your caffeinated beverages, I’m also telling you to drink more water.

This helps for three reasons: First, it wakes you up in the mornings by getting your kidneys functioning. Next, while blogging, your back and neck might start hurting. Drinking water ensures you’ll take a potty break and get up from the computer.

Tip 7: Rub peppermint oil on your neck and temples.

The INC blog recommends you smell peppermint. “Peppermint aroma… has been shown to have a positive impact on memory and alertness.” I’ve actually smelled peppermint. Boy did it wake me up! I felt like someone blew out my sinuses.

Tip 8: Boost your number of social media followers.

This is especially important for blog monetization. People have found me on Twitter and offered me financial opportunities since they know I will retweet their information to my Twitter followers.

Other bloggers have been offered money just for sending a tweet. It takes seconds to send a tweet!

When looking to monetize, give a total count of blog followers AND social media followers. Unless you’re asked for individual counts in a media kit, no one will know how many of each you have and it will be easier for you to make money blogging.

Once you make money blogging, be sure to ask for a testimonial from your happy client. Then, put it on your About page or Hire Me page. Retweet this page so that everyone on Twitter learns how appreciated your services are. Make sure to use relevant hashtags so people needing your services can find you.

Boost your number of Instagram followers as well.

This is easy if you follow an influencer in your niche. How to find the influencer? Search using the Instagram search bar. Type in your niche.

See the people that come up and how many followers they have. Follow those followers. Instagram allows up to 30 an hour. I’ve racked up thousands of Instagram followers this way. The more followers you have, the easier it is for you to monetize Instagram.

Tip 9: Use unusual methods for making your blog graphics.

For example, you can take scenic photos in landscape orientation (horizontal). Why unusual? I recommend taking photos vertically to appease the Pinterest gods.

Photo-editing sites like PicMonkey (this is Ms. Ileane’s affiliate link) and Canva have vertical templates you can put your horizontal pictures in. Other free tools like Fotor, FotoJet, and BeFunky offer these templates as well.

When making your blog graphics, avoid using frames. They make your graphics look smaller. Try to use filters which make the subject of your photo look bigger. Snapseed, a free iPhone app, has amazing filters. Fotor, a free online graphic design, and photo-editing website, has awe-inspiring filters as well. Don’t forget the winning colors for a blog graphic. Red, purple, pink, and orange are bright colors which will grab people’s attention at blogs, Pinterest, and linky parties.

Note: I read blue graphics get attention at Instagram.

Tip 10: Call the headline and the SEO title different names.

According to a post published on Copyblogger, you do not make the headline and the SEO title the same. By putting extra keywords in the SEO title, you can get found on search engines easier without cluttering up your headline with words.

Wrapping Up

A famous quote states, “You can only make a difference by being different.

If you want to make a difference, you need to stand out. In order to stand out, you need to be different from other bloggers. These unusual blogging tips will work wonders.

Use this post as an unusual action plan for blogging success.

Readers, please share so other bloggers discover these unusual but effective blogging tips.

Author bio: 

Janice Wald is an author, a freelance writer, a blogger, and a blogging coach. At, she shares tips for bloggers and marketers. Wald has been featured in the Huffington Post and her blog was nominated for the 2017 Most Informative Blog Award at the London Blogger’s Bash. She published AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG. Follow her over to for more blogging and marketing tips and your PDF of 123 free blogging tools.

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