How the Right Email Address Can Build Your Professional Brand | by Edison | Nov, 2020 | Marketer Intel

How the Right Email Address Can Build Your Professional Brand | by Edison | Nov, 2020

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And why a custom domain is essential for the modern workforce.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Maintaining a professional digital presence is critical for today’s workforce made up increasingly of freelancers, influencers, and small businesses owners.
  • However, creating a meaningful online identity is challenged by most of today’s email service providers, with limited email addresses available.
  • Custom domains offer the future of personalized email, your digital identity.
  • OnMail offers free custom domains as part of its email service plans, plus smart features to brand your professional mailbox for business communication.

2020 is almost over, and the world doesn’t look much like it did a year ago. With rising unemployment rates and abounding uncertainties, many have turned to freelancing, independent professions, other untraditional ways to stay afloat.

Outside of the recent upswing, freelancers, influencers, small businesses, and the like have been on an upward trend in recent years. During COVID-19, the freelance economy has become a $1.2 trillion behemoth — over a third of the American workforce freelancing either part-time or full-time. On top of that, there are over 20 million XSMBs (extra small businesses with fewer than 20 employees) in the US and this cohort remains the fastest growing small business category.

As influencers and personal brand builders become more mainstream, those with followings on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok find themselves becoming small business owners in their own right. Influencers, and those who manage them, continue to face similar challenges that their peer small business entrepreneurs have faced.

To be a successful influencer, freelancer, or small business owner amidst a sea of competition requires name recognition and digital professionalism that sets you apart from the rest. Whether it’s influencers and influencer managers in talks with brands for sponsorships, freelancers or small businesses netting their first client — most of these online first impressions no longer happen on a website, but rather, via email.

With that in mind, having the right email address takes on an important role in how your brand or business will be perceived. The problem? For many trying to find a fantastic, and more importantly available, email address, pickings can be slim.

With the bulk of the world relying only on a few big email service providers, email addresses have evolved into a finite resource. Email has been around for decades now, and in that time nearly all good combinations of first names, last names, numbers, and underscores have been swiped up.

How can you find a meaningful online identity that represents your business or personal brand when, let’s face it, all the best email addresses are gone?

For those who are just starting out to build their own influencer empire, freelance career, or small business, the need for a professional email address has become critical. Afterall, you have a great idea, a set of skills, and the knowhow to get started, but addresses like “” or “” don’t leave the best impression for your entrepreneurial endeavor.

In fact, research from GoDaddy indicates that as much as 75% of U.S. online shoppers think having a domain-based email that matches your website is a very important factor when it comes to trusting an online small business.​

So, what are your options?

Get the Right Email Address to Represent You

You could consistently stalk your desired email address in the hopes that the person using the name abandons it long enough for their ownership to expire, but who knows how long that could take. And on top of that, you would still have another company’s name there alongside yours. Why do you want to advertise a tech company alongside your business?

Having a standard email address with a large tech company attached makes you seem as if you’re just starting out, don’t have your bearings, or are just not very serious about your work. Demand for a personalized email address as everlasting as your legal name remains strong, especially as more and more of these conversations happen online.

The future of personal branding and business communication is rooted in email, and that’s why custom domains will play a significant role in shaping online identities that actually match individuals.

Edison’s new OnMail email service offers a democratized method of acquiring your very own custom domain, helping to build your permanent email identity you actually need in today’s world. Custom domains are crucial in standing out when starting out and provide benefits that you need to be successful in today’s market.

Make Your First (Digital) Impression a Professional One

As experienced freelancers, influencers, and small business owners, know, there’s more to maintaining a personal brand than a few marketable skills. You must be perceived as a professional to be taken seriously, and most of the time that starts with having an email address that actually matches your brand or identity.

For decades, brand awareness in business was simply attached to your business card. And while business cards are still in use today, it’s more than likely that you’ll interact with most customers online and not in person (especially now, during the era of COVID-19). In that way, your calling card, your first impression, often your only impression, boils down to your email address. Before your customers see what you can do, before the first meeting, before all that, they see your email address in the initial email you exchange.

With custom domains, you can legitimize your company from the onset of communicating. Having your own domain name shows that you’re serious about your work, and willing to invest in what you’re doing.

Multiple Addresses, One Domain

Custom domains allow you to have multiple email addresses linked to a single domain, providing an extra layer of legitimacy. It doesn’t matter then if your operation is you alone or a team, you can have,, and more. This separation also allows you to keep all your business emails in order — saving you from having to dig through or upkeep a single inbox for your business.

Set the Stage to Make a Website Down the Line

While everyone needs an email address, not everybody needs a website built and maintained when they’re just starting out. The extra up front investment of website purchasing and design could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. And that’s not even including the maintenance fees that come with website hosting. These fees start adding up quickly and before you know it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars before you’ve made a single one.

This upfront investment for building a website seems even less worthwhile when you take into consideration that most business profiles on social platforms are free, easy to use, and allow you to grow a following faster than a traditional website would.

This is why OnMail offers the ability to have the domain now, simply get the email addresses you need to communicate, and create the website later if you decide you need one through our DNS Manager.

You Can Take it With You

Your business email shouldn’t be dependent on what email service you use. This is why OnMail offers the ability to take your custom domain with you if needed.

Why Get a Custom Domain with OnMail?

OnMail’s plans are cheaper than the competition, starting as low as $4.16/month, and come with a free custom domain. For as cheap as a latte a month, you can solidify your online professional identity. Pay a bit more and you’ll have the option of adding additional domain users to your free domain, custom branding, increased storage, and more.

OnMail’s custom domains are also incredibly easy to set up. The entire process from account registration to domain selection takes fewer than five minutes to complete, and OnMail offers a bevvy of options so you can find the domain that represents you best.

If you have your own custom domain already, we’ve made the process of transferring it to OnMail’s platform just as easy.

Lastly, OnMail is still in beta which means your input carries weight. If you’ve been disappointed in the past by other platforms, you now have the chance to help create one that you absolutely love, with a team that knows email.

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