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How Social Media Can Breed Disruptive Thinking

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Date: 2020-03-27 19:56:29


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Excerpt: Jeremy Gutsche, the CEO of Trend Hunter, joins the Social Pros Podcast to challenge social practitioners to stop repeating past decisions and embrace disruptive thinking.

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As a social practitioner, you’re likely wearing two hats. One as a strategic thinker and the other as a creative innovator, constantly searching for new ideas and different paths that will warrant even more success.

New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the CEO of Trend Hunter, Jeremy Gutsche, is challenging the way social practitioners think. If you want to acquire truly spectacular results, you can’t keep repeating past decisions like a broken record. You need to branch off from the familiar, safe, and comfortable, to recognize the great opportunities within your grasp.

Disruptive thinking is the secret to innovation and change. If you want to be remembered and avoid falling off the social radar, which is astonishingly easy to do by the way, you’ve got to embrace disruptive thinking and you’ve got to invoke emotion.

In This Episode:

• 05:00 – What Trend Hunter is and why Jeremy started the company
• 08:34 – How we can force ourselves to create disruption
• 14:03 – Tips to help you break free from the traps that limit your ability to invoke change
• 17:12 – How Jeremy missed the opportunity for Trend Hunter to be ‘the next Pinterest’ before Pinterest took off
• 25:05 – What distinguishes an experiment from a trend
• 27:33 – Does AI gives us more opportunities to be innovative or does it shield us from innovative thinking?
• 29:14 – How you can foster your creative skills
• 31:40 – Creating content that evokes the right response from the right audience

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