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How Johnsonville Makes the Social Media Sausage

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Date: 2020-04-23 14:47:40


Stephanie Dlugopolski, Sr. Manager-Social Media & PR, Johnsonville Sausage, joins the Social Pros Podcast to talk about their delicious social media strategy, the power of social listening, and so much more!

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It wasn’t so long ago that social practitioners around the world had their content calendars planned out weeks, if not months in advance. Then, something that nobody could have predicted happened – a global pandemic landed right on our doorsteps and threw a wrench in our plans.

It sucks, but this is the current reality we all face. The truth is that the social content you may have needed pre-pandemic may not be the same content that you need going forward. Stephanie Dlugopolski, Sr. Public Relations & Social Media Manager at Johnsonville Sausage, has shifted the focus of her team’s content and leveraged the power of social listening to answer her customer’s most pressing questions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Stephanie shares how you can use data from social listening insights and leverage it with other parts of your organization. She challenges you to think about how you can reach your customers with the right message in the right places where they’re spending most of their time on social.

In This Episode:

• 04:10 – How Johnsonville Sausage’s social team are structured
• 06:19 – How Stephanie’s team strategizes seasonal content
• 07:52 – Why you should consider audience segmentation when it comes to your social media strategy across different platforms
• 11:38 – How to use and leverage user-generated content
• 13:58 – The power of social listening and using it to better understand your customers
• 18:40 – How Johnsonville Sausage’s publishing schedule and demand has shifted due to the pandemic
• 21:23 – Whether it’s time for brands to take on a larger societal role
• 24:49 – How sponsorships have helped Johnsonville Sausage’s build brand awareness
• 29:45 – How Stephanie’s background in journalism has aided her role in social
• 37:14 – What to consider when thinking about regional brand expansion

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