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How FedEx Dominates in Social Media by Getting Specific

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Date: 2020-03-20 11:40:22


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Alex Shockey, the Global Social Media Manager at FedEx, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the structure and strategies of the tiny but mighty social media team at FedEx.

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Social media is constantly changing. We know this to be true and yet so many brands struggle to keep up. If successful brands on social have taught us anything it’s that you must embrace change and evolve how you’re structured to meet the needs of social media.

This is just one of the takeaways from this episode of the Social Pros Podcast with Alex Shockey, the Global Social Media Manager at FedEx. Alex perfectly articulates the speed of social media’s evolution and focuses on the importance of identifying conversations on social and finding new ways to bring them to the surface in strategic ways.

As Alex accurately points out, social media is often a soapbox for people to share their opinions. With 7,000+ FedEx mentions per day, Alex shares how she and her team capitalize on these stories and reveals what makes some social mentions worth bringing to the attention of their audience.

In This Episode:

• 04:28 – A peek inside Alex’s role as Global Social Media Manager at FedEx
• 09:58 – How FedEx’s social media team is structured
• 12:51 – How social conversations have shaped FedEx’s social media strategy
• 16:20 – How social chatter has shifted and evolved across different social media platforms
• 18:56 – How to implement positive customer stories about team members and your brand in social strategies
• 24:50 – How the FedEx social media team works with other departments within the organization
• 31:30 – Tips for tracking the performance of a social media team

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