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Date: 2018-03-07 15:00:13


Mai Thi Kim Quyen and her husband, Binh, created Reaching Out Teahouse
( in Hội An, Vietnam after a medical accident left Binh partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. Quyen saw an opportunity need in her community to provide jobs and a support network for others living with physical limitations. See how they put themselves on the map with Google My Business.

My name is Quyen I was born and grew up in Hoi An. I lived a very simple life. But after I met Binh, my life completely changed. My name is Binh. I'm in a wheelchair because of a medical mishap in the hospital in Da Nang.

My father had brought me to that hospital to treat sweaty palms. There was a resident intern who injected me with an overdose of hot serum too close to my spine. that rendered my legs useless. And that's when I questioned the purpose of my existence.

Quyen brought a joy into my life I never had before. Since meeting and marrying my husband I stepped into the world of people with disabilities. A world where, in the past, I never imagined I would enter.

I realized that when you're a person with disabilities it's very difficult to find work. So Binh and I established Reaching Out, out of a desire to create as much work as possible for people with disabilities, so that they can be happy.

They could come here to learn a handicraft, so they could earn a living by working. We opened the Teahouse after we gained experience from running the handicrafts store. The Teahouse is a silent teahouse and the female workers are deaf.

As a small business, Google lets us list our business online for free. When we listed the Teahouse on Google, many more customers found us online. We got more customers from all over the world. And with more customers, we can hire more workers.

I'm very happy because I can live independently and help my family. Sometimes I don't want to work any more, but I think, if I stopped, what would happen to the seventy people behind me? And the seventy families behind them? The thing that I'm most proud of about Reaching Out is that the people who work at Reaching Out consider it their second home.

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