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6 Top 2020 Social Media Trends

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Date: 2019-12-18 13:28:00


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Join Jay Baer and his co-host, Adam Brown, on this special episode of the Social Pros Podcast, where they discuss the top social media trends on the horizon for 2020.

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Full Episode Details

The Social Pros Podcast launched back in January 2012 and 400 episodes later, we’re still talking about the intriguing and ever-changing world of social media.

A lot has changed since the first episode of the Social Pros Podcast aired. Platforms that once reigned the social kingdom have resigned. Others have emerged victorious and a select few have managed to survive the chaos. More than that, social has grown into an enormous realm of advertising and has provided marketers and businesses with the perfect portal to target and engage with their customers

But, what does the future look like for social? In this special 400th episode of the podcast, we explore six of the top social media trends on the horizon for 2020 and beyond.

In This Episode:

• 05:13 – Why episodic social content and social media shows will gain momentum
• 10:45 – The future of Facebook and what 2020 holds for Instagram
• 18:18 – Why Instagram direct commerce will continue to be a success
• 20:27 – Whether TikTok is likely to survive 2020 and beyond
• 25:18 – The rise of ‘dark social’ and a prediction for what could be one of the most important platforms for brands in 2020
• 30:21 – How the role of a social media professional needs to adapt in 2020
• 34:53 – How has branding changed in the last decade

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