5 Freelancer Specialists to Help Grow Your Blog

When I first started a blog, the only thing I thought about was the content.

I was going to take on the world with my prose, because I would definitely have something worth hearing and my audience would be interested.

That bubble burst the first month I began and I started to understand there was a little more to blogging than I realized.

There are many strategies you implement to help grow your blog too.

One of these strategies are the people you meet along the way. 5 Freelancers to Help Grow Your Blog

These tall, dark, and mysterious strangers walk the WordPress halls with a six string computer slung over their back. They are the Lone Rangers of our industry.

These people are freelancers, and, depending on what you need from them, they are the specialists in their field. When used correctly, they can cause your blog to grow tremendously from the help they can give.

Why You Will Want To Find Freelancers

I was, and still am, a writer.

If you’re reading this article, you’re no different than I am.

However, there are probably some talents missing in your tool belt.

That’s okay, nobody’s perfect. While a lot of people have the ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ mantra, it’s not a strategy I would advise.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Understanding your weaknesses is just as important as knowing what your strengths are. @wadeharman” quote=”Understanding your weaknesses is just as important as knowing what your strengths are.”]

For me it’s WordPress design, coding, and pretty much anything in the backend of a website.

It all looks greek to me.

When you know your weaknesses, use them! Write out a list of all the things you’re bad at when it comes to your business model. That’s the number of reasons why you need a freelancer in your corner to boost your blog.

So here’s 5 best freelancers you should be thinking about.

#1 – WordPress (or others) Designer

Having your website looking awesome is the number one rule to growing your blog to tremendous numbers.

Even if you don’t have an audience right now, that’s the perfect time to do testing to see what looks great and what people are attracted to.

If you’re like me and don’t know what you’re doing, a blogging platform designer is great to have on retainer.

I use the WordPress platform, therefore I have a freelance professional I can call on when I want to make a definitive change on a landing page, etc.

One of the many reasons a person will leave your website is because of the design, color, and layout. Make sure you have

#2 – Content Writer

Hey, you may be the exact opposite of me and understand all of the backend stuff but writing may not be your forte.

This shouldn’t be the stopping force which causes you to pack up and go home. Millions of bloggers just like you can’t write either, yet they have came into contact with freelancers who do this part of the blog for them while working closely with them to get the vision of where the owner wants to go.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Just because you can’t write doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blog! @wadeharman ” quote=”Just because you can’t write doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blog!”]

For example you could be an Amazon store owner. You already know the power of content so you need a writer. This consistent strategy of content marketing can effectively drive more traffic to the store link of your choice simply through the writing.

It’s a powerful thing.

#3 – SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is another important part of blogging. When you can grab onto a popular keyword in which your audience is interested in, and rank for it on the first page of this same search term, this is where you want to be.

As you know, it’s not simply about SEO, neither is it just about social media, etc. It is combining all of these strategies together to successfully build your blog.

SEO is hard for some people.

A freelancer SEO specialist can take your entire site and make it beautiful for the search engines. If you so desire, you can also send them your articles before you publish and make sure your keyword ratio is good on your site. However, for WordPress, they do have plugins to help you with that but it’s another suggestion.

#4 – Editor

Since blogging has become your number one goal to success then the writing becomes exciting (unless you’re an SEO expert who can’t write).

Either way, you want to ensure each article you publish on your blog is well written, spell checked, and had an overall second glance before you publish.

Even if you’re a superb writer, it’s always a good thing to make sure someone who has editing experience to look at what you have just written. You can get ‘blog eyes’ and be blind to your own mistakes.

Make sure this freelancer is within earshot.

#5 – Email Marketer

Technically not part of the blog, however, it’s attached in an intimate way as it is a very close relative to the blog.

You already understand how important having an email list is to your blog, however, these two things can be full time jobs apart much less when you put them together.

This freelancer can help you with duties such as emails which are triggered as soon as someone opts in, the sequence emails, email design, important calls to action, and basically integrates the vision from your blog to your email audience.

The email marketing freelancer will be adept at all of these characteristics I mentioned above and will also be a great writer.

How Will I Know The Freelancer Is A Good Fit?

I was recently introduced to FreeeUp, a company who understands this very need.

I talked to the co-founder of FreeeUp, Connor Gillivan, and he informed me the reason his company has such a high success rate at finding the best freelancers for entrepreneurs was because of the mandatory discovery each worker had to perform before the tasks started.

You will know when the freelancer is a good fit when they show you they can adapt well to your vision and your responsibilities.

If the freelancer is good at communicating and has a work history you can take a look at and talk to their past clients, normally you can make an educated decision whether they are right for your blog or not.

In Conclusion

It is completely possible for you to do every one of these responsibilities by yourself. The tasks you are good at, continue to hone your craft. The hard part will be the time it will take to learn the tasks you know nothing about.

Having a freelancer to help will definitely push up your timetable to success and get the ball rolling for you a whole lot quicker than normal.

One thing is for certain, whether you have decided to grab some help for your blog or not, consistency is the key to any successful blog. So go out there and start committing to producing great everything for your audience.

Have you ever had any experience with a freelancer before? Was it good? Bad? Let everyone know in the comments because you may help someone make a decision for themselves today.

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