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2020 YouTube Success Formula is Different Than You Think

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Date: 2020-04-10 18:27:58


Owen Hemsath, the Founder of Owen Video, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss practical ways to help you create better video content and grow on YouTube.

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Do you want to grow on YouTube? If you’re someone who wants to attract more viewers, more subscribers, and more engagement, you’ve got to optimize your videos for watchability.

Owen Hemsath, the Founder of Owen Video, reveals that one of the biggest mistakes social practitioners make with their video content is that they’ve got tunnel vision for search engine optimization. They’re so focused on optimizing their video content to please the Google gods that they forget to optimize them for the audience that actually matters – humans.

Owen claims that recurring episodic content is hard-wired into the human brain. So, if you want to make YouTube videos, or you want to grow an existing channel, you’ve got to create watchable and binge-worthy videos that presents you as an expert and speak to a wider audience.

In This Episode:

• 06:44 – Why more brands need to focus on optimizing video content for watchability
• 09:27 – Why most people fail on YouTube
• 13:09 – How to build episodic shows that perform well on YouTube
• 16:27 – Why episodic video content also works on other social media platforms
• 20:00 – How the subscriber value has decreased significantly
• 27:30 – How important velocity is within the first hour of publishing your video on YouTube
• 31:29 – How to move people from other social media channels to YouTube
• 35:20 – The role that live videos should play in your video content strategy
• 39:40 – A look inside the 4-step process of video production

For a full list of resources mentioned in the episode and to listen to the full podcast episode visit convinceandconvert.com

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